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Computers need Maintenance

A Computer is also a machine and like all other machines it needs maintenance. Computers are not like ordinary machines but are intelligent machines. They require systematic servicing and maintenance. Computers performance can be affected badly and can even "break down" if not well taken care of and maintained. People maintain their automobiles because of the large investment they have made in them but most fail to maintain their computer systems despite the similar large investment.

Many people are not entirely familiar with the procedures of maintenance that must be performed in order to service computer systems properly, and most system technicians will agree that the necessary tools are not included in the operating system.

Mello Systems has many diagnostic tools for analyzing, fixing and optimizing your system. Below you will find important information in regards to maintenance and why it must be performed to improve and maintain your systems performance.

System and Disk Cleaner
Windows applications create several files on your hard drive for temporarily storing the data. These files are supposed to be removed when application terminates. Often, they don’t because of a program error, sloppy architecture, your system gets reset or does not shut down properly, or another application locks up or crash. It is important to know that any file which is left behind in this manner will remain on your system unless you manually search and remove it. Over time, these junk and obsolete files can accumulate to megabytes of wasted hard drive space, as well as turn into potential error-producing cross-linked drive references. Along with wasting space on your system, obsolete and junk files can produce very hazardous results if not properly cleaned from your drive on a periodic basis.

The symptoms that these garbage files can produce include:

Registry Cleaner and Fixer

Over time, windows database "the Registry" in which Windows and other applications store information can begin to hold data that is no longer valid. Such information links points to a location where there was a file, but now the file is no longer there. Often such invalid links occur because programs uninstalled do not completely remove their registry entries, programs were not correctly uninstalled by the user, a user views a file attached to email without saving them to disk first, and applications have been moved without uninstalling and reinstalling them. This invalid data eventually begins to clutter the system registry, slowing Windows down and causing other possible problems.

“Just like bad cholesterol gets accumulated in our body and can lead to serious medical troubles like Heart attack, similarly, Registry clutter can lead to serious troubles, like system crashes and reboots. So as doctors advice to exercise regularly to keep Bad cholesterol level down, Registry Cleaner is also recommended to keep the clutter out of the registry. It is beneficial in the longer run.” 

Mello Systems  will cleanup and streamline your Registry by finding and removing these invalid data references. Invalid links are common in system registry, and it is always a good idea to clean them out regularly.

System Optimizer
Reorganize your resources

System Optimization category provides you with various system optimization utilities. Various default settings in Windows reduces the performance of your computer.

With the help of utilities provided by Mello Systems we can make necessary changes and can easily optimize your Windows performance.

Registry Optimization tunes up the system registry and defrags it for faster responses of queries.

Windows Optimization lets you optimize and customize your windows settings.

Memory Optimization optimizes the system memory in a regular interval so that each program receives its share of the memory appropriately.

      There are many programs and services run at a time on your system and each of which require some amount of memory of the computer. As memory is allotted to each and every program and service on your system, a situation arises that the computer fall short of memory resources.

      Why do you need Memory Optimization?

Backup and Restore
Stay Protected

Some times your system crashes are due to an other problem, and you need to revert to your last known configuration, for this purpose you need to have backup of system files and folders to restore the earlier configuration.

System Files Backup and Restore assists you in backing up system files and restoring them in case of System Failure. Thus you can always revert to last known good configuration and minimize the chances of bad software installations and viruses.

There are many methods and software programs for backing up your systems. It is strongly advisable to have a backup procedure in place for recovering from a failed OS, lost data, or any other catastrophe that may evolve.  

Spyware Detection
Protect your system from prying adware & spyware

With increasing use of internet and network connections with the outside world, spying has increased a lot. What software do you use, which site do you open are some common spying reasons.

You download and install many applications and expect them to do what they are meant for. But these applications come with some other capabilities like spy on you, your PC and on sites you browse. All these information are then transferred to a central server on internet.

Many  times sites which we visit are also captured by spying software's.