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We recognize that providing support and maintaining your computer system is critical to customer satisfaction.

The level of support received once a product or service is sold is a key factor in deciding what company to purchase from. Here we will list our support and customer service information.


Office hours are from Monday through Friday... 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

If no answer, please leave contact information for return call

Call technical line for down equipment and emergency calls

  Holiday, weekend, and non business hours service ( Click here )

  Average response time to service call... 1 HOUR...  (contract)

  Average response time for email service ... 1 day

  Parts replacement & parts installation time dependant upon vendor and shipping methods

  All service work billing to be paid upon receipt, unless prior arrangements made

  Contract work is available upon request

  Regular maintenance schedules available ( click here )

We are unable to provide pricing estimates for many of our services, due to the unique nature of        each computer or network environment

We do not accept credit cards, please make all payments in cash or check


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